Q. Has school District 61 conducted any pubic consultation on use of lands?

A. The District had one meeting on June 20, 2019 where they were met by public opposition to the proposed land deal. At the time of the meeting the District did not have formal confirmation of the approval of the Victoria High project from the Ministry and did not know its expected contribution to the project. Without knowing the expected contribution consultation could not be met .

The District was unable to answer:

  1. the anticipated proceeds of the disposal; and

  2. the potential impact on community and educational programs, in the event that funds would be left over, to enhance school and community amenities after our contribution to the main project was spent.

 The District publicly committed to further public consultations - but appears to be reversing its position.

Q. Does the seismic upgrade of Victoria tie into the discussion of needing to lease Vic High lands?

A. The District has cited proceeds of the land deal will be used to pay for budgetary shortfalls.

Specific to the sale of the lands, there is no cash transferred among the District, the City of Victoria or BC Housing (despite the School District losing over an acre of land in the deal).

Q. How much money is being negotiated for the lease of the Vic High lands?

A. No financial information has been provided about the proposed lease. CRDH currently occupies .86 ha at the Vic High location on a 60 year lease entered into in 1992 for ~400,000 - or $6,700/year.

Q. Is your group opposing the proposed declaration of the lands being surplus because you do not support social housing?

A. Our group’s interest in the matter is about the School District not being able to declare the lands as surplus to the school’s needs. The group is concerned with the District’s apparent lack of diligence and due process being adhered to.

We generally agree there is a need for social housing - just not at this specific location.