Save Victoria High School Lands

Land @Vic High

it’s not surplus.


SD61 has proposed to trade away lands at Vic High and to sign a 60 year lease on a large parcel of land to help pay for a school renovation.

The district is proposing to lease the land for a high density 154 unit housing development.

Student Impacts:

  • Vic High will have the 2nd least amount of land of all SD61 High Schools

  • Third highest high school population in district

  • 38% less land per student than all SD61 high schools

Why this matters:

Current and future educational needs

Vic High is projected to have a minimum enrollment of 1100 students starting in 2026. Victoria has plans to grow its population by more than 20,000 residents by 2041. What little land Vic High has is needed for students today - and to allow for any growing room tomorrow.

Need for student outdoor space

There is no shortage of documented evidence to support the relationship between outdoor green space and mental health. Students need to have safe accessible green spaces at their school. This is a critical need for students who live within the inner city.

SD61 is failing to meet Ministry Standards

The Ministry of Education has documented standards defining how much land is required for a school by population.

The proposed Vic High site will have less than 4.7 ha of total school grounds for a population between 1000 and 1100 students. This is between .3 to .6 ha below Ministry Area Standards.

The proposed Vic High site has pressures to build an addition to the school, plus a Neighbourhood
Learning Centre, as well as a turf field. Today students have 2.6ha of available activity space - tomorrow they may have as little as 1.15 ha - far below the required standards of 2-3ha.

The District has the means to pay for the seismic upgrade without impacting students. They don’t need to sell or lease any land!

The Ministry of Education has provided $77.1M of funding for the seismic upgrade project. The shortfall described would only come into play of the project runs over budget and uses what is called a project contingency.

There is a need for public consultation and review of the entire matter.


How you can help


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Attend the SD61 open house and be heard!

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Write a Letter!

This issue is a School District issue. Write an email to and tell them you do not support the Vic High land disposal. Be sure to cc us on your email at as we want to make sure your letters are responded to!


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